Midi2CV Part 1

This is a module for my synth. A pretty basic module as it is a note to Control voltage converter. It is based on midibox ucapps.de designs and it features 4 CV and 4 gate outputs. These can be made 8 bits which are quite good for note playing (4 x 8 bits) or can be made 4 and 12 bits each pair. I chose to have them all at 8 bits resolution.. The circuit is ready and it needs a panel (which you see in the photos) and some wiring an mounting

I used a long screw I found in the hardware store. It was a one meter , 3mm width screw which I cut at around 17 cm pieces. Then glued a nut on the panel with instant glue and put resin glue on top of it. Put the screw so now the nuts are filled with resin glue.

You can see here the resin . To align the screws, I fixed the other sides of the screws on a board .

WSG got a new dress

Made the panel for the WSG (Weird sound generator).

This is it. It is made like the one I've done for the SoundLab beside it. I scanned the panel with the holes, overlayed the picture I've made (actually it is just boxes and text) , printed it on glossy paper and then sprayed it with a matte varnish to give it that "professional" anodized look. If you look carefully though, it is still paper on sheet metal.


I just started a new blog with nature recordings. It is spring now and it is very easy to run around recording interesting things. So please do visit http://naturecordings.blogspot.com/, tell me what you think and what would you like me to put (if I can that is)

Soundlab and WSG sonata

The WSG (Weird sound generator) took it's place beside Soundlab. So there are two samples, one (http://rapidshare.com/files/217106360/hhh2.mp3) which uses both of them and one
(http://rapidshare.com/files/214296536/hhh.mp3) that uses only Soundlab..
There is a little effect processing afterwards (delay+ phaser).

Both are fed from a +-15V PSU without any problems whatsoever.

An interesting experiment is to plug the output of WSG to the CV input of the SoundLab. It doesn't cover the entire 0-10v range as an output but with a mixer/amplifier before the insertion you could have dramatic results. Nevertheless, it still sounds quite interesting..