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Tigrics lab!

Mr. Braska returns home

On Mr. Braska's new home!!


Hi all..

The frog is moving. He goes to his house which is

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Parallel project

A parallel project starts.. Components are on their way, panel is designed, boards are here.....
it will be an MFOS Sequencer!!!!

For more info, you can look here at Ray Wilson's MusicFromOuterSpace (and he will host Mr. Braska on his US tour!)


Some more views of tigrics' workplace!!!

Some more views of tigrics' workplace!!!

A corroded Ultimate Percussion module. It is also here (exactly the same :) This one must be quite rare. Couldn't find any manufacturer info..

Well here we are at a cable junction.. A serge VCs is right behind Mr. Brask and LFO/VCA at the left.
The mising link might me a filter? The red in the middle?

Another view.

Here, Mr. Braska with cucc... The drawings of tigers all over the place is by tigrics' hand

Beside the distortion generator... BZZGGFFFZZZZWEEEEZZZZFFGGHHHH

VCO Core. If it has hard sync it will be VCO Hard core!

Module graveyard!

A small VCF

The unfinisheds

Future formant

MS20 VCF!! This should include a sample!

Mr. Braska with the owners of all these modules: szarvas and MJ. Tigrics pays them rent to use them!

And of course, Mr. Braska is always in the mix. Or better, in front of it!

Moving domain.

Hi all!..

I am in the process of moving out of the domain. I got the domain with php/mysql hosting.

I already tried wordpress and it seems quite capable to support a blog and some pages that should be permanent. (this was one of my main reasons to have my own code to handle).

I would like to ask what platform you find better for a .com, self hosted blog.

Could you please help me? If I don't come up with a solution, Mr. Braska won't be giving me Christmas bonus this year!



Mr. Braska's secretary.

PS. is active but it is still in copy-this-blog mode.

Update from Mr. Braska's trip in tigrics, Hungary

Mr. Braska felt right at home at tigrics'. There was a moose named SzarVas to welcome him, show him around and let him use his gear.

Here you see both of them on the STEP64!

After that, Mr. Braska took a quick nap on the midiman!

And afterwards, refreshed, he set out to explore tigrics' self made modules !

And there is a Shaper!!

Small break!

In front of pocket history poster

And back to the house, lying as sexily as a frog only can, on a wasp filter and a ring modulator!
Great sonic potential!

This is tigrics' backlog!

Well, tigrics mentions his workplace is, like, everything, everywhere:

"there's not much of a workshop here, it's all over the room.
2 soldering irons, two drills, still no stand,
I acid next to the entrance, doors open,
have a computer on the desk with a good wacom, no mouse, oh no,
I draw a lot... I like inkscape, but flash even more.
still use pencil a lot.
quite a few partboxes, and bags with stuff sorted, resistors in cd wallets"

Well, just drop over his site and see for yourself.
He is as talented with pen and paper as with soldering iron/pcb :)

He promised some photos of his lab tomorrow!!!

Mr .Braska arrived at tigrics

Yesterday morning, Mr. Braska arrived at tigrics (
He was tired from the trip and fell asleep on a G2.

Mr. Braska will spend the weekend there, photoshooting with various synths.
He has found some same-sized friends there as you can see from the following pic..

More updates from Mr. Braska during the weekend.

And off we go!

Well, the tour of Vinnui's home and lab has finished.. Mr. Braska will attend a
salsa party from what I hear and then will take off to another destination,
still in Hungary!

Outside vinnui's house is like a small forest, and Mr. Braska felt right at home

Our hosts, Balazs (vinnui) and Kende (his son) were very loving and took
good care of the little frog. Kende was so sweet and he made Mr. Braska
remember his former occupation, being a toy, before becoming a synth model.

Now the little frog has to travel again. So, until further notice, bye bye
from Mr. Braska. He will send us photos when he arrives at the next stop!

Braska on 1RU effects

The following pictures show Mr. Braska on the 1RU effects
that vinnui will use with the modular.

These are:

Behringer Virtualizer Pro - digital multieffect
MAM RS3 Resonator - analog resonator (3 bandpass filters + LFOs)
MAM Warp9 - analog filter, based on Wasp filter, with midi, etc.

In the guts of the polysix

Another photo-shoot, now with a well-respected, retro, gutted synth,
the KORG polysix

Vinnui stated that this polysix had a faulty PSU so after the modular is
completed, he will fix it.

Lucky frog, now sits on top of the polysix and he has nothing cut-off ;)

There is the position of the non-existend PSU

But everything else seems in order.

This is the PSU of the modular

And it seems to supply enough power to support Mr. Braska too!

And a cameo appearance of a midi keyboard!

Mr. Braska chez Vinnui's

It is a fact!! Mr. Braska is now at Vinnui's home! The first photos show him posing for various modules vinnui has made!

(and on his mini-mac)

This is a part of his lab. Mr. Braska feels good being around electronic components

The frog and the tool!.. Mr. Braska and the soldering iron

Mr Braska samples the boards. He will hold them later

Vinnui's ADSR .. Mr. Braska likes the neat cable work!

Ridin' the noise train!

In front of Vinnui's awsome panels!!

Mr Braska asked about the spined skull design. It is hand-drawn by Vinnui himself
and vectorized in Inkscape

Attack of the VCOs

Mr. Braska will now rest for a while in his favorite place. The module box!!!!

This is it for today.. But tomorrow there will be much more!!

Goodnight Mr. Braska