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Tigrics lab!

Mr. Braska returns home

On Mr. Braska's new home!!


Hi all..

The frog is moving. He goes to his house which is

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Parallel project

A parallel project starts.. Components are on their way, panel is designed, boards are here.....
it will be an MFOS Sequencer!!!!

For more info, you can look here at Ray Wilson's MusicFromOuterSpace (and he will host Mr. Braska on his US tour!)


Some more views of tigrics' workplace!!!

Some more views of tigrics' workplace!!!

A corroded Ultimate Percussion module. It is also here (exactly the same :) This one must be quite rare. Couldn't find any manufacturer info..

Well here we are at a cable junction.. A serge VCs is right behind Mr. Brask and LFO/VCA at the left.
The mising link might me a filter? The red in the middle?

Another view.

Here, Mr. Braska with cucc... The drawings of tigers all over the place is by tigrics' hand

Beside the distortion generator... BZZGGFFFZZZZWEEEEZZZZFFGGHHHH

VCO Core. If it has hard sync it will be VCO Hard core!

Module graveyard!

A small VCF

The unfinisheds

Future formant

MS20 VCF!! This should include a sample!

Mr. Braska with the owners of all these modules: szarvas and MJ. Tigrics pays them rent to use them!

And of course, Mr. Braska is always in the mix. Or better, in front of it!