Update from Mr. Braska's trip in tigrics, Hungary

Mr. Braska felt right at home at tigrics'. There was a moose named SzarVas to welcome him, show him around and let him use his gear.

Here you see both of them on the STEP64!

After that, Mr. Braska took a quick nap on the midiman!

And afterwards, refreshed, he set out to explore tigrics' self made modules !

And there is a Shaper!!

Small break!

In front of pocket history poster

And back to the house, lying as sexily as a frog only can, on a wasp filter and a ring modulator!
Great sonic potential!

This is tigrics' backlog!

Well, tigrics mentions his workplace is, like, everything, everywhere:

"there's not much of a workshop here, it's all over the room.
2 soldering irons, two drills, still no stand,
I acid next to the entrance, doors open,
have a computer on the desk with a good wacom, no mouse, oh no,
I draw a lot... I like inkscape, but flash even more.
still use pencil a lot.
quite a few partboxes, and bags with stuff sorted, resistors in cd wallets"

Well, just drop over his site and see for yourself.
He is as talented with pen and paper as with soldering iron/pcb :)

He promised some photos of his lab tomorrow!!!

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