AVR Synth RE-re-packaged

Went today to the electronics shop to get some cheap stuff for the yusynth and saw this box for 6 euros. From what you can see, I got it. It is relatively small with a panel area of 15x9cm.

So I went on to repackage my avrSynth16 I had build sometime ago.

There was a failed attempt to house the synth inside a FIRA drawer from IKEA but the design had some flaws (And it was way to big to have it around).

The first step was to make a 15x9cm layout in inkscape and make objects that were the size of the underside of the components I would use. So I could layout the knobs and switches knowing that they'll fit. Purple were the knobs, cyan were the switches.

I made the holes with my newly aquired tools that I mentioned in earlier posts (the step drill that is) and had the panel ready for sticking the graphics.

Since the step drill went up to 12mm diameter, the midi socket hole that needed 15mm diameter, got a little help from my old (t)rusty reamer. (I always had that tool! It belonged to my father from what I vaguely remember)

The simple design is always the best. Made in inkscape. (Super drawing program, open source!)

The time of the knob transplant was stressful. A few wires came loose. (The design is not so clean from what you can see)

So it was obvious that it would end like this.. A big spaghetti bundle.

The hardest job was to fit the boards inside the box. It took a lot of careful squeezing and pulling/pushing wires inside the box. This was done while the synth was playing from a sequencer. It kinda reminded me of some brain surgeries you see on TV where the patient is placed on the bed with an open head, and the doctors have electrodes touching his brains to see what is the problem. When the synth stopped responding I stopped pushing!!

You can see that the panel has a slight bulge at the center..

And now the publicity shots!

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