Sowing the SIDs of love

All things come to those who wait. But even if you wait for an eternity, no SID will come your way unless you hunt it down because it has been long since it was discontinued! And so I did hunt it!!. Two found and thus, the quest for the MidiBox SID began.

It is a stereo SID synth. Two sids, one for each channel. Made the Core (the old 8 bit), got two 18f4685 (of which I toasted one because I gave it 12 volts!! :( Thank god I got two) made the boards and TADAAA!!!!

The SID works!! If you play something via midi you get a square lead sound.. nothing special but it is there.. So now I must add buttons and encoders.

The only thing that went wrong apart from the burnt PIC was that the 20x4 blue/white screen I had to put , went cookoo!! Maybe this was a result of the 12 volt jolt! But, no real harm done since I have a spare 40x2 screen.!!

Now I REALLY have to finish the midibox router and midibox sequencer.. I have no excuse, neither does Braska!!

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