Mr. Braska chez Vinnui's

It is a fact!! Mr. Braska is now at Vinnui's home! The first photos show him posing for various modules vinnui has made!

(and on his mini-mac)

This is a part of his lab. Mr. Braska feels good being around electronic components

The frog and the tool!.. Mr. Braska and the soldering iron

Mr Braska samples the boards. He will hold them later

Vinnui's ADSR .. Mr. Braska likes the neat cable work!

Ridin' the noise train!

In front of Vinnui's awsome panels!!

Mr Braska asked about the spined skull design. It is hand-drawn by Vinnui himself
and vectorized in Inkscape

Attack of the VCOs

Mr. Braska will now rest for a while in his favorite place. The module box!!!!

This is it for today.. But tomorrow there will be much more!!

Goodnight Mr. Braska

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