Not quite functional!

Made two yusynth VCOs the other day.. None works... But the real problem is that at the schematics it mentions using a 1% silver mica capacitor. I have used plain ceramic and multilayer. Voltages are OK. The comparator and OP Amps get nice voltages. No electrolytic capacitors are the other way around. So it has to be this. While I wait for the silver micas, I might put together a yusynth moog filter clone.
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Anonymous said...

It's not the cap. Any cap of the same value will work in (what I am assuming is) the integrator. Silvered mica caps are nice, but polyethylene, polypropylene, just about any low leakage, high quality cap will do. Even a crappy pancake ceramic cap will work. There is some other problem.

Aris said...

Yes, it wasn't the capacitor. I have to go through the circuit with an oscilloscope. And while it is exciting, I want to finish my MidiBox SID first!

Thanks though, if I knew what you just told me earlier, I would have checked into it earlier too..

Thanks !