Making a module case

It is about time me and Braska started making a case for modules/synths we've made. The panels for the modules I've made are 12x12cm a unit and I have some standard panels made with 16 holes evenly spaced. These are the generique type that may house vcos, filters etc.

The big one is for midibox seq. which slowly but surely manifests on my desk. The others are for the soundlab I've finished and for an AVRsynth I've repackaged so this is a no-go.

So, the construction started by drilling holes for wooden dowels

... and marking the other wood panel where they should land

.. thus constructing the raw cabinet sized aprox. 72x36cm

The hard edges on the front side where smoothed with a router

.. and then it was painted with four coats of satin walnut finish (Water based, doesn't stink, washes easily until it gets dry. Quite nice actually)

.. the balcony was a mess (and still is because I started something else :)

.. and here is after first coat

... and this is its current state, with soundlab fitted

The WSG is the next thing that will be fitted along with a yusynth filter and a midibox Midi2CV

(you can see that it is getting warm here on the white thermometer on the right!!)

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vinnui said...

Wonderful wood cabinet! You gave me a good idea (the usage of the "L" shaped metal brackets)! Nice work!