Caniballizing the laughtop

What follows is the destruction of the laughtop. This is not for the faint of heart!

Braska is here still, helping with the hard stuff (posing and getting in the way). When I tell him "get the screwdriver" he always appears with a cocktail in his froggy hand, sipping.

There is a small, lo-fi speaker which I just might keep!

The "mouse":

This will host a rotary encoder when finished:

Closeup of the lo-fi speaker

Name of frog spelled in Greek: (missing the last α) "ΜΠΡΑΣΚ(Α)"

Lower part done.. now to the screen disassembly

This spring is what keeps the screen in position

Braska sits on laughtop's screen and brain.

Screen, off

We like "windows"

Well, this is nice!!

Now, some cutting of plastic parts (specifically, the battery compartment) must take place.. I will have to replace the heat sinks also on the sid because they are BIIIIIIIGGGGG..

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