Me be back!!

Hi all,

for starters, let me beg for forgiveness for being away for such a long time!

My plans were interrupted a bit from being a parent for the second time. Now with two kids messing with Braska, I can't find him anywhere. And when I do, he is all wet from being gummed to death. The available time for hobbying has shrunk but this does not mean that I cannot delve into various DIY projects.

So, I hope that you will be with me for this.

PS. Due to the lack of search time available, if you would like to share your DIY Synth project with the rest of the readers of the blog, please do leave me a comment or email with your page/blog.. I will be more than happy to post it here too and have a link to your pages!

Thank you all,


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Anonymous said...

Well it was about time :)

What happened to the SID project of yours?

Anything new going on?