NEVER sell your synths

These are the photos of my RM1X. They were used to SELL my RM1X on ebay. Now, I look at them in despair that someone else has it and I don't. My moto from now on is: NEVER SELL YOUR SYNTHS!
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Ollie Stench said...

Gear I regret selling:

Roland SH-09
bought for $50 in 1990 sold for $50 1991

Roland SH101
bought for $50 in 1990 sold for $50 in 1992

Roland MC202
bought for $99 in 1991 sold for $100 in 1992

Oberheim Stretch DX
bought for $25 in 1989 sold for $150 in 1993

NEVER sell your synths!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man!!! This is SAD!!! You would have a small fortune in gear if you just said NO!

Electric`Jesus said...

Yes, I agree to NEVER sell your synths. but I bought someone else's Roland SC-88Pro Sound Module. It is a really awesome piece of equipment straight from japan. No signs of use at all! (even the module's manual didn't come out of it's original plastic packaging.