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This is an octal RGB clock. I made it so it can be impossible to actually tell the time but nevertheless its beautiful (in its own way).

There is an atmel AtMega8 ┬ÁCU and 6 RGB leds. Two for hours, two for minutes and two for seconds.

Each led can be Red, Green, Blue, or a combination of them. So you get eight colors, Red, Green , Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, White and Black (all off)

Lets say now that a led (with all its colours) is a binary number and Red is bit 0 (rightmost), Green is bit 1 and Blue is bit 2. With the above combinations you get a number between 0 and 7 (hence the octal part) . Two leds can count up to 64 this way. So you can count easily up to 60 seconds (and minutes)

eg: the time on the second photo is:

Red, Cyan : Green Cyan : Red Green=
1x8 + 6 : 2x8 + 6 : 1x8 + 2 =

Nice eh?

(wouldn't sell though : )
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