Well well look what we got here :)

I MUST finish it. (and of course, it's panel :(
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Collin Mel said...

oh man, MFOS panels can be quite rough.

My soundlab is likely proof -

Oddly, these designs are likely a testament to Ray Wilson's patience and skill.

Aris said...

Your lizard like WSG is very cool!

BTW even AVRSynth's panel is a pain in the butt. I'm going to make an AVRSyn 32 and to control some stuff will package a midibox core too. It will be something like: http://sites.google.com/site/diysynth/Home/avrsynth32.svg?attredirects=0


Hope I can pull it through :) will make a heck of a post though :)

Collin Mel said...

true that be a whole lotta pots!

but the tough thing about the soundlab, for me, was the panel-mounted resistors/caps. Often seemed precarious and delicate especially since I was using an aluminum(conductive!) panel - eep.

Aris said...

So far, I have connected about half of the pots on the soundlab. I used lots of heat shrink, a small diameter one on the pin that was not soldered on the pot and a big diameter one to cover the whole component up to the cable insulation. Then I opened a hole with an exacto knife on the heatshrink to see what is inside..

Now you know why I got bored doing it :)