AVRSynth 16 Panel

The AVRSynth has officially its panel. Drilled on a 3mm aluminum sheet sized at 27x21cm (almost an A4). It was a little difficult to correctly align the holes when drilling them because the drill bit had a tendency to drift off and walk away. The result was a random offset of each hole at about 1mm (in random directions that is.).

Nevertheless, a panel I had made earlier was printed on photographic paper. To align these two, I punched small holes at the centers of the knob positions and turned it facing down (the paper) so I could see through the aluminum holes that it was all aligned (or at least there were no big offsets). I glued it with simple roll on glue and transfered the buttons and knobs from the cardboard panel they were on, to the aluminum one. Now it is a little mess underneath the panel but nevertheless everything works as planed.

I passed it's output through MC-909 effects and it sounds wonderful. Even raw, it sounds pretty nice. I might make a demo with sounds coming out of the AVRSynth 16.

The svg file for the panel layout is here

Stay tuned for updates on the AVRSynth 32 + midibox project.

A family photo (extra members not shown :)

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zgba said...

You should use a centerpunch to avoid drifting of your drill bit. Or make first a pilot hole with a smaller bit.