The proof of concept

This is the keyboard from the last post with some additional stuff. There is a Core module ( and a digital in midibox module that reads the switches. I installed the SDK so I can write a minimal program (midibox is programmed in C and produces hex files, uploadable as system exclusive data to the core). So I connected 4 of the switches to make a quick test and connected them all together. I was sure that both midibox modules were ok because I had the midibox sequencer running on them. The simplistic program just adds 40 to the pin number (the one displayed on the LCD) and outputs this as a note on/off midi signal. When all switches get connected, there will be a need for a mapping between module pins and note numbers so there will be some more programming. For now, a small, quickly made video shows that IT WORKS!

(first video for public viewing, so don't be so harsh :)

You can also see it in vimeo here:

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