AVRSynth 32 PCB

Collin Mel and myself , have designed a PCB layout for AVRSynth, instead of doing it on perfboard. It hasn't been proofed and debugged yet but I am on the process. If you feel adventurous and/or lucky, you can download the eagle files from here
and try yourself!. Please do tell me about possible bugs you may encounter.

I exposed the photosensitive board covered with a transparency with the PCB layout printed on. I used two transparencies, one stacked on top of the other for extra opaqueness. Still there is a little UV light going through, you may see it on the photos as the copper is a little spotty. No electrical flaws though, but I think, another layer would do a better job.
I developed the exposed board with a solution of 1 teaspoon of pipe cleaner (branded TUB.O.FLO locally) but which contains NaOH. When developed, I etched it using a 14% HCl solution (also a cleaning product) and dropped in it a small cup of concentrated Peroxide. (Named localy "Peridrol"). If interested I can delve in much more detail on the etching process. Just be ware of the fumes and liquids, so work in a well ventilated area, stay AWAY from children (you and the chemicals) and store them out of their reach. These chemicals are highly toxic and caustic and I don't want to be held responsible for any misusage of the components.

This is how it looks while ethcing.. Beware of them bubbles. They stink and for a reason. DO NOT inhale close to them.

This is the finished PCB, without any components on it. I will post photos of the component mounting process and hope it works the first time :)

When this is finished, a core midibox module will take care of the midi messages that are needed to have access to the AVRSynth32 functions that are not available through it's pots. (such as cutoff, resonance, ADSR params etc.)

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