Switches came. Tact switches for many purposes... The midibox Seq waits for some of them. The c-music axis clone, for most of them, and maybe a mini keyboard for one of the synths. Hey you could even make a guitar fretboard with them, they are just the right size.

For making stuff with switches, midibox ruleZ!!!!
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Tachikoma said...

hi, where did you bougth them?, they look nice, how is the "feel" like?, like a ladtop keyboard maybe?

thanks for all man

Aris said...

Hi there,

i got the switches off ebay. There is a wide variety but there is an ebay-shop that sells solely switches. If you search for tact switches, it will be there. Be aware though that they come in different force ratings. These I used are the most "light to touch" ones. And they are still a bit stiff.

The sense they give is different from a laptop. They click and they don't move a lot, as a laptop key would do.

There is another kind of switch (again in this shop) that has a rubber bubble that you press to close the circuit. This is more like a keyboard but they don't come with caps. Look at them also (I can post you a photo if you like) to see if you can find a solution for capping them because these give much better feedback..


Aris said...

The ebay shop is:


Aris said...

The bulgy, rubber dome ones are like this.

Do not be fooled by the closeup photo, these are quite small (around 6mm width)


Tachikoma said...

Thanks Aris, you had been so resourcefull, i was thinking in the harmonic table too when i found your blog looking for information, my hardware plataform is arduino (iduino clone more specific) and i was looking for this mechanical feel in the keys like the old ibm keyboard (jaja i know i'm a nostagic geek). I will do some test with pc on/off switches since they have this "feel" and for the caps probably this would help:

I will try to do some kind of blog or document so you can give me your opinion.

Thanks for all and a big hug for you and braska, you really help me ^^