Midi Thru Box

I desperately needed some through ports for devices I have that have only in and out ports. So this easy project was done in a single worknight (after putting kids to sleep, 2 hours at most)

It is no compicated design. You just have to get the midi input (using the optocoupler like all midi stuff I've made. Based on ucapps.de midibox design). Then buffering it through two subsequent logic inversions of the signal. One of the outputs goes to the LED for visual feedback. The others, like any midi output fed from 5V, gets a 220Ohm resistor and it is imediately made an output.

I will post schematic later in the day because I have to scan it and I'm too lazy to make it on eagle (it is on paper). If there is a need for a PCB (even though it is a very easy project) I can provide one. I may even make it on a pcb with multiple in/outs (3 in / 9 out eg :)

Say hello to my model: His name is Braska and will be posing on my stuff from now on! He is a cute guy and posing is the only chance to take a break from being beaten, tortured and gummed to death by the kids.
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Anonymous said...

worst soldering job ever

Aris said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with that soldering at all, this works quick and will last forever, so where is the backdraw?

Anonymous said...

I take offense to that, my soldering skillz are much worse!

Aris said...

It is quite difficult to correct due to the massive amounts of solder in fluid form, running around. And it tends to heat things up a little more than usual.

If you have a suction pump it is far easier to edit though.

underwood said...

When will you post the schematics?