AVRSynth board update

This is a first step towards completing the board. The odd part is that one of the ICs is soldered on the bottom side. This was a clever thought Collin had as it reduces bridges to 5 total from at least 15. As I realized yesterday, I had put no values to most of the components, so tonight, an updated version of the board will be placed online with the values written.

Not all R2R resistors are in place as I ran out of them. So it might be finished tonight. The thing is that soldering resistor ladders is SOOOO BOOOOORRIIINNGGGG!! I should have used a resistor array.

Another thing I should mention is that the board can work with both AVRSyn 16 and AVRSyn 32 firmwares and processors. So I placed a female pinheader in the place of the crystal and I can test both of them before commiting to AVRSyn 32 and it's 16MHz crystal

Hope to have updates soon....
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