The connections have been made and some simple software has been written to map keys to notes. There are some issues that need to be sorted like transpose while pressing keys etc. The concept works! It is a very nice and cheap way to experiment with such a keyboard.

It feels a little flimsy though, pressing buttons against an unsupported perfboard so the top priority now is to find a case that will make the keyboard right at home! I will add some knobs too. There is much (programming) space for them

So, stay tuned for a first video demo as soon as possible. The only thing I need right now, is a little practice!
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Kevin Casey said...

Hey man, that's a cool project. It makes me think about one of my wish-lists... a guitar-hero style game except that it uses a real electric guitar as the input device and it scrolls tabulature down the screen instead of colored buttons. So, basically, an electric guitar trainer in game format.

A few of my friends think you do cool things, and we've got an online giving service called Propits... It's like a global Internet-based tip jar. I'd like you to check it out at

If you had a "Give Props" button from Propits, my friends that like your thought process could drop a bit in your jar!

Anonymous said...

well done on this! where did you source your switches/caps from? i'm looking to do something similar but have had a hard time finding something the right size with minimal gap spacing and color options.

Aris said...

Hi there,
I got them from . some need more force than others (160 or 240 gf) I tried the light ones and they still need a bit of force to activate them.. When you play chords it is a clumsy feeling.

You can also find these switches at (athough a bit more expensive)

I will post the code at sometime soon.