Harmonic table keyboard

This is another project I just started working on. It is a keyboard/MIDI controler based on the harmonic table (like the c-thru music controler). This one is just switches which all connect to a midi core module (from ucapps.de) which translates the various keypresses to midi signals. There are 50 keys/notes and although I'm going to use letra-set rub-ons to write the notes onto the keys, you can make out which note is which from the blue keys. They are in pairs and one of each pair (the low/right) is an A (La for europeans) and the other is a C (Do). In the harmonic table layout that the C-thru axis uses (and others) , if you choose one button, the button above it is a fifth, the one to the top/right a minor third and the top/left a major third. (you can see c-thru's chord calculator here http://www.c-thru-music.com/cgi/?page=layout_ccalc).

The other keys have the following functions: The red keys on Braska's left "hand" are a row of 11 buttons that instantly transpose
the whole keyboard from -6 to +5 semitones The middle one, a bit spaced appart, is the no-transpose button. The other 2 red buttons are octave up/down and there is a generic slider under his right hand which is assignable to modulation, pitch bend or whatever CC you want. The blue button under his belly is the menu button. There is a 16x2 LCD screen displaying various bits (transpose, octave, pressed key etc) but the software is still in development stage. As soon as a workable version is at hand, I will publish it of course.

The needed hardware is a lot of switches, a midibox core module, an analog in module (for the slider) and two digital in modules for the switches. I have these already made for the midibox sequencer (who still lacks a panel) until I etch some more. http://synth-diy.blogspot.com/2008/10/midibox-sequencer-v33.html

So the following days will hopefuly see a working HT controller. But until then, good night, Braska!

STAY AT 440 Hz!!!!
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Anonymous said...

"As soon as a workable version is at hand, I will publish it of course."

Wooow, I´d love to see that! Me lacks some skills of proper programming, but always had this axis-concept in mind, since I´m working with TK´s midibox-stuff. So glad you did this :D
cheers, oshidash
(from midibox.org-forum)

Aris said...

Alright!! I'm very happy that it might be useful to others. Should have hooked it to the homemade avrSynth instead of the computer :)

Thanks for your interest!

Random Skratch said...

I remember seeing a demo of the Axis and was blown away, but after checking out their prices I was even more blown away! This looks like a great DIY project and was wondering if you plan on putting a kit together for others (or at least listing the parts and build instructions when it's finished)? I saw you mention that some of the parts were also found in the midibox sequencer but after checking it out I didn't see any parts list.

Aris said...

When the software and hardware is in it's final stage, I will make it available with as much detail I can put on video/paper. Also, I have plans to experiment with other types of switches and then make a PCB to plug them on exactly. This could be made as a kit of course if anyone is interested. But for now, the only thing in my mind is to make it useful.. :)

Thanks for your interest!!

Micromattic said...

hello. this looks amazing!

I have been looking for something like this for a while!

Would you be interested in building another one for me?

I want to make one to use for composition and live performance in my music project : http://www.myspace.com/microwavesounds

Please write me back at nseizov (at) gmail.com