babyBotte repackaged!

This is the new babyBotte. I decided against the cardboard shoebox and dumped it. So I got a TRIPP container set from IKEA at first for putting the babybotte on the small square one and an 8MHz avrSynth I have lying around, inside the bigger one. My wife gave the idea of putting the babyBotte inside the round one.. So, I designed a panel that I would print on photographic paper and stick it on top of the lid and open holes to it to insert the pots

The small holes are for the square buttons. I used a high speed cutter to make the rectangle cuts.

Also, because the box was a bit high to grip it easily, I marked it at about the middle and cut it with tin scissors (the TRIPPs are made of a rather thin aluminum sheet)

and then I cut the rectangle holes:

To align the holes with the printed layout, I printed a draft, black and white copy of the layout and stuck it on the lid. Then, using that as a guide, I opened small holes which little by little I opened them to the diameter of the pot shafts (10mm in my case).

The layout of the buttons and the panel "design" is available at the file repository (here) .

Then I opened small holes on the printed paper and alligned the holes while letting the glue set.

Using an exacto knife, I opened the holes on the paper

and put pots and switches:

The (still) tricky part was to mount the led. I fixed it with hot glue. It is a bit flimsy but I do not intent to take the babyBote v2 to any live gigs.

So the finished bb was something like that:

or like that


The samples still remain the same as the bb survived the move.

The only thing that remains to be seen is the durability of the photopaper..